New Borderlands Collection Reaches #2 In Xbox Chart Thanks To Major Discount

Borderlands fans, did you know there's a brand-new collection on Xbox? It's called Borderlands Collection: Pandora's Box, and at least according to the "Top Paid" Xbox chart, it seems to have been selling very well so far.

The collection only launched for the first time back on September 1st, and it's already raced to #2 in the UK version of the chart (in fact, we saw it at #1 temporarily over the weekend but we don't have any proof!). In the US chart, Madden NFL 24 and NBA 2K24 are dominating along with Starfield right now, but Borderlands is still at #7.

New Borderlands Collection Reaches #2 In Xbox Chart Thanks To Major Discount

So, what's the reason for this? The main one is that it's launched with a massive 60% discount which is available until later this week, bringing it down from £123.99 / $149.99 to £49.59 / $59.99. If you already own any of the games in the collection, you should also see a "special price" that entitles you to an even bigger discount.

There are six games included in the bundle along with all their add-on content:

If you're interested, now is definitely the time to buy Borderlands Collection: Pandora's Box before it reverts to its standard price around Wednesday / Thursday of this week. Simply search for it on the Xbox Store and you'll find it!

Do you think this is good value for these six games and their add-ons? Tell us in the comments below.

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